Hi There!

We’re Glenn and Venjie, husband and wife photographers based in Horsham.

Venjie specializes portraiture (from newborn, weddings to event photography) , while Glenn is a keen landscape photographer.

Venjie strives to capture fresh and timeless moments.

Her goals are to embellish your home with quality albums and wall art that will tell the story of your family for generations.

She love’s bright colours, soulful interaction with the camera, and capturing the intimate moments of love and laughter that’s shared together.

Understanding that each person is unique in their style and personality, she can customize each session to meet the individual needs of her clients and produces images that reflect their individuality. She wants those we work with to be at complete ease with us because the best images are caught when people are comfortable. Every person we work with is perfectly unique, and we consider it part of our job description to get to know you in order to find YOU through the lens.

Glenn loves to be outdoors and spends hours and hours, be it dawn or dusk, trying to capture that perfect moment. The moment where a landscape is at the peak of its beauty. This involves visiting the same landscapes many times, at different times of year, in different weather conditions, and at different times of day. It takes a lot of perseverance but when it all comes together and he manages to “get the shot” he finds it a very rewarding experience.

He wishes to share with you these moments by providing you with beautiful wall Art. Art that describes to you, your family, and friends what it was like to be there in that moment of time. He hopes that you can see what he could see, and more importantly feel what he felt.

We love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query’s, questions, or just to simply share your thoughts on an image.

Glenn: Glennmunn@yahoo.com

Venjie: updatedme21@yahoo.com